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Conquer the cold with Our PREMIUM Ski Socks.

Embark on an exhilarating journey of conquering the snow-covered slopes with our Aspen socks. Designed to take your cold experiences to the next level, these socks offer intelligent protection and exceptional performance, ensuring you reach new heights in the mountains.

With a reinforced protection system, these socks are designed to provide the ultimate protection for your foot muscles and outstanding performance in the coldest and most challenging conditions.

Key Features:

Reinforced Protection Technology: Our socks incorporate a reinforced protection technology that maximizes user performance and offers optimal protection to the foot muscles.
Quick-Drying Composition: Engineered with a quick-drying fabric, our socks guarantee that your feet stay dry and comfortable, no matter how strenuous your athletic endeavors.
Special Insulating Fibers: Special insulating fibers in our socks provide effective insulation and temperature control, keeping you warm and shielded from the cold.
Strategic Padding: Strategically placed padding areas offer extra cushioning where it’s needed most, ensuring unbeatable comfort throughout the day.
Ventilation Channels: Aspen socks are equipped with ventilation channels throughout, promoting airflow and breathability for an enjoyable experience in any activity.

Recommended for:

Ski & Snowboard, Trekking, Hiking, Alpine Touring, Snowshoeing, Winter Fat Biking & Outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 oz
Dimensions 10.6 × 4.3 × 2.2 in