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Grippy Pack

Win the match with our Grippy Pack.

Unleash your full potential on the field with our Grippy Pack, a dynamic combination of two of our best products: Grippy Socks & Grippy Calf Sleeves. These two essential components are meticulously crafted to elevate your performance, providing a winning edge for athletes.

Together, the Grippy Socks and Grippy Calf Sleeves form an unbeatable synergy that empowers athletes like you to rise above the competition. It’s not just a pack; it’s a winning formula, and it’s here to make you stand out as a force to be reckoned with on the field. Elevate your performance, break boundaries, and claim victory with our Grippy Pack.

Grippy Socks Key Features:

Elasticized Double Cuff: Our socks feature a double-elasticized cuff for a secure fit that stays in place throughout your activities.
Half Towel Foot: This perfect sock features a half-towel foot design, delivering comfort, moisture-wicking, and cushioning where you need it most.
Extra-Flat Toe Seam: The extra-flat toe seam ensures that there’s no irritation or discomfort during your athletic pursuits.
Anti-Slip Sole: Strategically placed anti-slip pads on the sole of the foot provide unparalleled grip and stability, making these socks ideal for quick cuts, sprints, and precise movements.
Reinforced Heel and Toe: These socks are built to last . They are constructed to be incredibly durable, thanks to their reinforced heel and toe.
Perfect Fit with Added Spandex: Enhanced with spandex, our socks provide a perfect, slip-free fit, addressing the specific needs of those seeking the best socks for an optimized, slip-free ride.

Grippy Calf Sleeves Key Features:

Double Elasticized Cuff: These calf sleeves provide a secure fit with double elasticated cuffs, ensuring they stay in place during your most demanding athletic activities.
Footless Design: Designed to focus on the calves, these sleeves leave your feet free, allowing you to pair them seamlessly with our Grippy Socks and your preferred sports shoes.
Quick-Drying Composition: Engineered with a quick-drying fabric, our calf sleeves are quick-drying, keeping you comfortable and dry even during intense workouts.
Perfect Complement: These calf sleeves are the perfect match for our Grippy Socks, delivering a comprehensive solution for athletes seeking exceptional grip and stability.

Recommended for:

Cycling, Running, Trail Running, Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Skateboarding,Tennis, Pickleball. Cardio, Lacrosse,Outdoors & More.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10.6 × 5.1 × 1.6 in



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